Price cap for pre-payment customers would ensure cheaper energy deals and big savings

Price_cap_for_prepayment_customers_in_the_UKThere was a sudden upheaval in the energy market with five of the Big Six gas and electricity suppliers announcing price rises and a few other independent suppliers walking the same path. As the price rise was made in Standard Variable Tariffs and two third of the Big Six energy customers are on this tariff, the government and energy regulator were concerned about the big mass that was being affected by this step. They even threatened to intervenein the energy market in order to help people make savings on energy bills. As most of the SVTs are not into home energy price comparison and are loyal to their suppliers, they suffer the most from price hikes.

To help these energy customers, government was planning to announce an energy cap for all customers but somehow that entire wave fizzled out. However, there was a suggestion on capping the prepayment meter customers, which are around four million in number. As they live on cheapest home energy plans, it is ideal to consider them for capping. Therefore, a temporary price cap has come into effect especially for the pre payment customers. This recommendation was given by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) after an elaborate two year research on the energy market. The CMA reported that energy customers living on prepayment meters had lesser choices for energy tariffs and often suffers from disproportionate energy bills.

By applying an energy cap, the CMA and other government authorities are helping them out so that they can enjoy the cheapest energy prices. The price cap would deduct around £80 a year from an average energy bill and would prove profitable for the home energy plans of the pre payment customers. It will also help the prepayment customers to access cheaper home energy deals, normally available to people who choose other modes of payment like direct debit. The plan is to keep this energy cap intact until 2020, when the smart meter installation in the entire UK would be finished. Then every home will have a smart meter, which would send accurate energy readings to the supplier giving no chance for wrong or estimated bills. It is expected that smart meters would reduce energy wastage and bring in the cheapest energy prices once they are set in every home.

Andrea Coscelli, Acting Chief Executive of the CMA spoke on the topic by saying that “Households across the UK deserve to get a fair deal on their energy bills. On top of a number of measures to get competition working better, the CMA’s prepayment meter price cap means that more than four million consumers, many of whom are vulnerable and who can’t easily shop around for a better deal, will see their bills cut by around £8- a year each, saving British customers a total of £320 million per year.”

Summary: Temporary energy cap on pre payment customers has come into effect from April 2017. It would ensure that these customers save money on their energy bills and can access cheaper energy deals available to customer who choose other modes of payment like direct debit.









When You Need New Bathroom at Your House

Do you think you need extra bathroom at your home? Well, with the children are getting bigger that sounds like a reasonable option. With more bathroom, it will end the never-ending battle to use the bathroom first and they can get more privacy they need. Moreover, there is unused space at your house that is big enough to be converted into a bathroom.

Bathroom conversion from an unused space is not a simple project. It requires good planning and it will certainly cost a lot of money. Be sure you have everything in mind and prepare everything needed for project. More importantly, this project must be executed perfectly to make sure it delivers the best results. For this you need to hire the best contractor. There are many bathroom installers Sheffield you can hire. But when it comes to the best quality workmanship, precision detail, and excellent services, there’s no better choice than RS Heating & Building Co. This company is a licensed plumbing and HVAC contractor with one of its specialties is bathroom conversion and installation. Since 1971, this company has been serving families in Sheffield with high quality solutions making sure their home is comfortable space to live. With such reputation, no wonder it becomes the first preferred choice for bathroom conversion service.

RS Heating & Building offers complete solution for your project. It is started from design the bathroom including the plumbing system and fixtures. The highly experienced staffs from this company will assist and guide you to choose the right products for your bathroom based on actual needs and budget. Once the conversion plan is finalized, the professional installers from this company will begin the work. They will make sure the new bathroom will be installed with perfection on every detail. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the final result.

Why ADT Alarm Systems in Los Angeles are Important

In a city like Los Angeles where the crime rate can increase at times, alarm systems are something that you should not cut corners on or compromise. When comparing communities ranging from large to small, LA’s crime rate is always higher than the entire national average. This means that there is a higher chance of your home being burglarized if you live in the Los Angeles area and nobody wants to come home to find out that they have been robbed. This is why installing an ADT alarm system will provide the protection you need for yourself and your family as well as safeguard your property and valuables.

The Stats

Property crimes and home burglaries are rampant throughout Los Angeles. According to Neighborhoodscout, a comprehensive database of real estate data used by Fortune 1000 companies, the chances of you becoming a victim of property crime in Los Angeles is 1 in 42. Annually, Los Angeles property crimes total 16,411 for burglary, 62,700 for theft, and 16,522 motor vehicle thefts. This data means there is a strong chance of someone in your neighborhood is going to come home one day and find out that they have been robbed. You do not want the next victim to be you and this is why ADT alarm systems in Los Angeles are necessary for your home.

These Systems are For Everyone

In the past, security systems were only available to people who were wealthy or had a large disposable income to install a home security system. Since security technology has become more efficient and effective, it is now possible for anyone to afford an ADT alarm system in Los Angeles. Burglaries continue to happen every year thousands of homeowners suffer from financial losses. You want to protect your home with an ADT security system because it is a cost-effective and intelligent way to protect your home and family regardless of where you live in the city.

How Home Security Has Changed

Home security systems have changed dramatically over the years and they now offer monitoring that will help stop a burglar before that person has a chance to run off with your belongings that are inside your home. When the ADT monitoring service learns that you are not at home or if they are unable to reach you, they will immediately contact the police when the alarm is tripped. This means that when someone enters your home and gets detected by monitors or motion sensors, the police will be notified in a very short period of time.

When you do not have a security system in place and there is no one at home or your neighbors are not at home, no one will know that a burglar has entered your home. Under these circumstances, the criminal has plenty of time to get away because it could be hours before you find out that you have been burglarized. Since the police were not contacted when the crime occurred, it is more likely that it will be very difficult for them to track that burglar down. There will also be very little chance of you getting back what was stolen.

ADT Works to Protect the Residents of Los Angeles

ADT is a reputable company that has been around for over 140 years. They understand that the most important service they can offer you is the protection of your family and your home so that you have 100% security and tranquility. This company goes beyond just installing a home security system in your Los Angeles home and has a reputation as one of the leaders in home security systems in the city.

They also develop automation systems that work in conjunction with home security alarms to ensure that your home is always monitored and secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured that your home will always be monitored and secure to avoid becoming a victim of a variety of crimes and disasters to include:


  • Burglary
  • Fire and smoke
  • Flooding
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Medical alerts
  • Temperature

ADT is the Most Reliable with the Latest Technology Innovations

With their cutting edge home automated service, you will see that ADT alarm systems in Los Angeles are more advanced and more effective than ever. If you live in LA, you need ADT to provide you with their home automation control smartphone app that will let you manage your home security right from the palm of your hand. With their service, you can always maintain the security of your home and improve your quality of life using their convenient technology.

Baltimore Handyman app provides competitive bidding for home improvement

Need a handyman? Live in anywhere between Towson, Laurel or even in Columbia?
There is a better way to complete that project and we think we found the App to do it!

Baltimore, Maryland: EFynch ( is a home improvement app to find the local handyman, plumber, electrician, landscaper, roofer, or other home improvement or contractor pro.

Based outside Baltimore, Maryland. Many of the members like in Columbia, Towson, Baltimore City, Catonsville, Laurel, etc.

Users report savings up to $300 for the first 6 months within the iPhone and Android App Launch. “Homeowner are saving money on their projects and the benefits are trusted and verified. Let’s say a handyman is working 2 miles from your home already and you need a toilet or faucet repaired. Maybe a plumber is not available currently but that local handyman could be there in 20 minutes. Apposite, let’s say a plumber has a slow afternoon and because EFynch offers competitive bidding, he could use the work and cuts his normal $100 hourly rate by half?”.

This is how EFynch works. It is based on the co-founder’s previous work in home improvement as a contractor and his understanding of how contractors and electrician work. Teris managed real estate in Prince George’s County (Upper Marlboro, just outside Washington D.C.) and developed this system specifically for the smart and educated homeowner looking for service.

So spending on the job, we looked at EFynch and determined the following tasks fall within their purview:

Gutter and Cleaning
Drywall and Painting
Landscaping and Lawnmowing
Hauling, moving and trash removal
Power Washing
and a few other we just can’t think of right now.

We also like the EFynch app because it is based in Baltimore. Truthfully- (and we get this from a few of their happy customers)- Efynch feels like a community, not just a button on your iPhone or android. “The handyman we found was local and someone i will use again. The Value was unmatched and since I have moved to Columbia, Maryland, I have not found a better service.

Natural Stone for Your Project

Natural stone has been part of human civilization from centuries ago. When we see those architectural heritages from cathedrals to fortress, from houses to palaces, they are built with natural stones. It shows how natural stones can become an ideal building materials that will stand for hundreds of years. However, using natural stones for building material is no longer common these days. New technology in construction leading to new construction materials for more cost-efficient construction process. Using natural stone for construction can be really expensive and requires a long process. No wonder it is no longer a popular choice for building materials.

Natural stones may no longer the first choice for building materials but it doesn’t mean it has no role at all. Natural stones are still widely used for decorative elements to create classic and elegant decoration or even rustic decoration. It can’t be denied that natural stones have specific visual effects and able to create certain atmosphere. Natural stone also has important role in outdoor decoration widely used for paving stone or outdoor furniture to outdoor monument. Pebbles of natural stone are also widely used for garden decoration. With the right choice for natural stone decoration it can create amazing decorative effect to your garden or outdoor area.

When you are looking for using natural stone for certain decorative purposes, it is very important to make sure you choose the right type of stone at the best quality. Yes, it may be quite challenging as there are different types of natural stones and also varieties of product qualities. What you need is a reliable and trusted supplier to deliver the best of your expectation and there’s no doubt miland stone is the best one. This Ireland based company has been specializing in natural stone for building and decoration materials for more than 20 years. It is committed to provide the best quality natural stone products for various purposes to meet customers’ best expectations. This company has been supplying natural stone products for many projects throughout Ireland and UK widely known for its high-quality products and competitive price.

Miland Stone offers wide ranges of natural stone products. It is including different types of stone ranging from granite, limestone, sandstone, to glass beads and pebbles. This company is ready to supply natural stone for different purpose ranging from paving, building bricks, stone furniture, monuments, as well memorial stones and decorations. All products delivered are guaranteed to be top notch in quality.

One of the biggest challenges to use natural stone for a certain project is determining how much stone actually needed. Miland Stone really knows it very well. No wonder it offers very useful guide to help you determine the right amount of product to order to cover your project. You will love the online calculator available on its homepage. It is easy to use with accurate result allowing you to prepare your project more precisely. There’s no more reason to hesitate. When it comes to best quality natural stone for any of your project, Miland Stone is always the best supplier to rely on.

Tips on preventing dryer vents fire incidents

I guess no one wants to know how the outcome of fire would look like, not to talk of replacing household items, special keepsakes, loss of photos and the stack of paperwork involved which can be physically and emotionally exhausting. However, research works and numerous studies showed that there have been over 30,000 home fires in the last 12 months as a result of dryer vents mismanagement, which in turn cost insurance companies/ homeowners over $70million on damages. Not just that, dryer vent related fires also have been known to be responsible for over 75% of appliance fires, over 500 injuries and over a dozen deaths.

After numerous studies, expertise were able to come up with a way to stop the fire incidents and killings; general maintenance. Studies showed that most vent dryers that cause fire incidents lack maintenance, while others are as a result of unidentified mechanical failure, break or leak.

This is why it’s important to learn a few tips on how to clean dryer ducts.

A lot of people are not aware of this, but as time goes on, a thick layer of lint builds up on the surface of the machine as a result of the hot air exhausted by the dryer, which blows dust and lint to get stuck in the ductwork; this happens to be the second reason why fire hazard take place in homes. Therefore, it’s important that you clean dryer ducts properly at least two times a year, and you can go further than that depending on how you use it.

This procedure is subdivided into two parts; you can either clean the vacuum out or the filter, and this operation should be carried out on a monthly basis. The other part is having a professional company like Dryer Duct Pros to clean the vent at least once in a year.

You’re not only protecting your home, but also the people staying in it, so it’s important that you watch out for these warning signs to avoid household fires caused by dryers:

  • Avoid clothes that take more time to dry, that is cloth materials that can go for more than one cycle, especially towels and jeans.
  • Watch out anytime your dryer stops while clothes in it are still damp.
  • If the clothes are very hot completing the cycle, it simply means you’re overworking the dryer.
  • The time you spend waiting for your clothes to dry must not be more than the length of a cycle
  • Do not touch the top of your dryer while it’s working.
  • Often times it’s possible that you persevere a moldy smell as a result of the build up of moisture inside the dryer duct. If the smell persist after 5-10 minutes, you should check out your lint to know if there’s any blockage because the air is supposed to be forced out from there.

Diversity Visa Program Requirements

If you are interested to live in the US for good or want to have a Green Card Visa, then all of you are open to join the Diversity Visa Program to ensure you have the right and effective benefits in being a citizen of the United States and enjoying the health and education benefits to be given to you. Aside from these, you would have the full freedom of enjoying your US citizen rights.

However, before you come into that, you should know and obliged to follow Diversity Visa Program Requirements that are stated below:

You must be a Native a Qualifying Country 

If you are a foreigner and belong to a qualifying country of a low immigration rate, you are qualified to have the Diversity Visa Program. However, those who are under the countries with a high immigration rate are excluded from having the said program. The country of your birth would determine if you are qualified to avail of the program. The US would not determine if you would be qualified to take the program.

If you are not qualified in the non-qualified countries, you might still have the chance to qualify if you have a relative or spouse living under the qualified countries. You should present the authentic and valid documents stating your relation to the relative living in the low immigration rate country or the reliable information to ensure your spouse is living in the qualified country.

Education and Experience that Qualifies You to Avail the Diversity Visa Program

Each foreign citizen has the right to avail the program given he or she has or follows the given set of requirements. He or she is given the right kind of options to make sure the qualification process would be an easy one.

The following are the two options given you should know:

Option 1

The applicant should have completed a US high school education or equivalent to a US high school education. The applicant should comply with the standard year’s equivalent to 12 years education in the US.  In doing this, there is a sure way of acquiring the Diversity Visa Program. In following the education requirements, it would be easy for you to have the program with no hassles or any encountered problems along the way.

Option 2

The applicant should work on the jobs for 2 years within 5 years. There should not be a record of dismissal or any related incidents to provoke the qualification of the second option. In this way, there is an assurance of a smooth process to be taken by the US embassy and the applicant who wants to avail of the program.

If you wish to avail the Diversity Visa Program, there should be evidence or proof you of the process of each of the requirements, in this way, you not only have a good way of obtaining the benefits of the program but also have a chance to secure the green visa you have, Hence, it would be a good way to have the requirements.


Apply today in the 2017 DV Lottery on

Bathroom/ Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles – DOs and Don’ts

Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles

Starting a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel is a great way to increase your home value. The ROI can reach up to twice the original costs. Keep in mind there are certain guidelines you’ll have to follow. Here are some do’s and dont’s of kitchen remodeling Los Angeles and bathroom remodeling Los Angeles:

Planning Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

DON’T overspend. Keep it all within reasonable budget. You’ll be aiming for the maximum returns, not an overpriced kitchen or bathroom. The renovation should be appropriate to the home. This will keep ROI at an excellent margin.

ROI is key to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. Keep this is mind when selecting your materials and design.

DON’T forget your kitchen’s or bathroom’s overall layout. Know where the sink, the shower and where the other appliances will go. Map out the location of the plumbing and the electrical outlets. Functionality should go first above everything else. From there, you’ll have an understanding of the final kitchen or bathroom arrangement.

DO go over the project with your designer or contractor. Answer the question: how will the room be used? How do you want it to look? How will it function? Set all aspects before the project starts so you can save on costs.

DO use common sense. Hire a renovation team that use only tried and tested methods.

DON’T DIY. There are some things you can do by yourself. You can replace faucets or install backsplashes. Planing big projects such as a whole kitchen or bathroom renovation in Los Angeles? That will be a job for the experts.

Planning Your Kitchen and Bathroom Layout

DO remember to make space for the garbage bin. Make it easily accessible for when you’re cooking. Keep it cleverly hidden from sight.

DO add extra storage whenever possible. Maximize drawer and cabinet space. Take advantage of the kitchen island space. Extend cabinets up to your ceiling. You’ll always need more space in kitchens and in bathrooms.

DON’T build appliance doors and cabinets that get in the way. You’ll need plenty of space.

DO try and meet these recommended kitchen dimensions. There should be 36″ of counter space. A allowance of 15″ should be provided on handles. Finally, allow 15″ of space on one side of your fridge.

DON’T forget ventilation. It’s an essential part of any room. A good bathroom should be able to circulate air. A kitchen should have a way to remove stale air. Your appliances will have a longer life. It’s a must-have if you plan on installing a gas range. Fixtures come in several varieties. These can be made to work on any kitchen or bathroom theme.

DO install the dishwasher next to the sink.

DO think about the triangles in your bathroom or kitchen. For example, a galley kitchen. It must run only along one wall. The sink may be put in-between the fridge and the stove. This is the best possible placement. Measure 36 inches of space between the sink and fridge. Then, measure out 15 inches of space between the range and sink.

DON’T forget the triangle. This works in any-sized kitchen space. The trio of appliances are the refrigerator, stove and sink. These 3 must form a triangle. The space should not exceed 26 feet. Each arm should be in the 4 to 9 feet range. It may or may not work out, but it’s always good practice to try.

Bathroom remodeling Los Angeles

Bathroom and Kitchen Design and Finishes

DO choose neutral colors. They should go well with cabinetry and bathroom tiles. It is also a great ROI element. Fun colors may be wonderful, but they’re not for everyone. Keep ROI in mind. You’ll appreciate this rule when the time to sell comes along.

DON’T use different finishes. The metal finishes shouldn’t be more than two in each kitchen or bathroom. Don’t get two countertop materials. You can mix it up with a bit of variety. The end result should still make sense. The finishes should complement each other well. It shouldn’t contrast.

DO get proper lighting. Lighting makes all the difference in kitchen and bathroom remodeling Los Angeles. It helps with safety as well. Kitchen work areas and wet areas of the bathroom must be well-lit. You may opt to install dimmer switches. These allow you control over how you want your light to be.

DO think about how you’ll use the new bathroom or kitchen. How will you use the countertops? How will you use the tub and fixtures? Then choose the design from there.

DON’T just choose the trendiest designs. They usually have a shorter lifespan. Your overall ROI will be affected.

The kitchen and the bathroom are widely considered to be two of the most important parts of a house. Understandably, huge projects such as kitchen remodel Los Angeles and bathroom remodel Los Angeles require considerable resources and time. There are a lot of design and planning options. The key to a good remodel is to have a plan in mind.

The Best Plants To Choose For A Hardy Landscaped Garden

Do your neighbors talk about your garden? If that is the case, the tips in this article will help you to create a garden to be proud of. Keep reading for great advice and directions on how to transform your property.

Curved beds are much more interest than straight borders of the past.

When you landscape, you must know the difference between perennials and annuals, you also want to know what kind of shrubs, plants, or flowers work best in different areas. You have to also think about what season it is when planning your landscape layout. It is important that you know this information in order to get good results from your landscaping experience.

Make your yard look beautiful all year by creating a garden suitable for many seasons. Select a wide variety of plants, autumn, springtime and winter. You might also consider planting unusual trees or evergreens as a way to make your yard look alive all year long.

It is very difficult to landscape your entire property all at once. Dividing your project into several parts will make it much easier on both you and your budget. It can also assist you in changing your design changes that become necessary.

Choose the higher quality over cheap ones. In most home-improvement stores, you will mostly find the cheaper items.Go to a store that specializes in landscape design where you can get top-notch products and people who know what they are talking about. It’s worth it to pay more for quality products and advice that truly work.

Landscaping does not only include the planting a few trees Tree Trimming Rancho Cucamonga and laying grass seed. To add distinctive beauty with texture, look for opportunities to include wood, iron or cement structures. You can be a little more creative with decks, pergolas, decks or birdbaths. These things come in a wide range of prices to suit any budget.

Include many different kinds of your landscaping plans for variety and unique beauty. This will be helpful in the case your landscape if a disease or a pest infects your design. If you plant the same plants, you could lose them all with an outbreak of disease or an attack of insects. Diversity in landscaping is vital to plant life is an important part of landscaping.

You don’t need to hire a professional to landscape your garden! If you are willing to become knowledgeable about the subject and you can put in a lot of effort, you can have an attractive outdoor space. The change will cause your neighbors to envy your yard. A beautiful yard is something you can be proud of.


Choosing Plants That Will Not Harm Children


Landscaping your yard can quite simple as you have a plan and stick to a schedule. The following article will give you some great landscaping advice.

When landscaping, you must know the difference between perennials and annuals, you also want to know what kind of shrubs, plant, and shrubs work best in certain geographical areas and under certain climates. You need to also consider seasons when landscaping as well. It is important that you know this information in order to get good results from your landscape plans.

A drip-style irrigation system that is drip style should be the choice for a homeowner. This type of irrigation system continually provides water and is easy to install. You will also find that drips of water work more efficiently than a full stream of water, none will run off or be evaporated by the sun.

Pick out products and avoid the cheaper ones. In many stores, you will usually find reduced and low-quality products. Go to specialty stores to get top-notch products and useful advice from their workers. It’s worth the extra money to get products and solid landscaping advice.

Landscaping isn’t just putting grass into your yard and planting a few trees and laying grass seed. You should also add other natural materials such as wood, iron or wood structures. You can find visual and other sensory pleasures in your lawn through the use of birdbaths, pergolas, decks or birdbaths. These elements can be in many different prices no matter your budget.

Include many different plant species when you plan the look of your landscaping plans for variety and unique beauty. This will help maintain your landscape if a disease or bacteria. If you use all the same plants, chances are they’ll all be lost. Diversity is important in landscaping for plant health when landscaping.

This will result in you lots and lots of money. You may want to ask them for advice, though, but doing the work yourself will save you a lot of money.

When starting a substantial do-it-yourself landscape project, you may want to consult with a professional first to get their ideas. The average price of a consultation is around $75 but the return will pay for itself after a while. If you need tree removal Rancho Cucamonga you can go to a search engine to find more information.

By reading this article, you have discovered that landscaping is not always simple. While it may be a bit difficult, a little knowledge and effort is all you need to create your own beautiful yard. By understanding proper landscaping techniques, you have the power to succeed. Use the advice you have read here to improve your landscaping.