Roofers in Indianapolis work with a lot of people

Roofers in Indianapolis work with a lot of people and many homeowners call on them to help with a range of roofing needs. There are some very common roofing questions that almost all roofing contractors are asked on a regular basis. When it comes to taking care of roofing issues it is important to ensure the work is done by a licensed, trained, and experienced roofer. The roofers at  Stay Dry Roofing and the “have” years of hands-on training and experience working on a range of roofs with a variety of styles and materials and are known as leaders in the area for all things roofing. If you live in Indianapolis, IN or a surrounding suburb, these are the roofers you want working on your roof, and such roofers will be able to answer these common questions for you:

Does my leaky roof have to be replaced?

This is perhaps the most terrifying question for a homeowner- not knowing how big of a problem hey are facing and how extensive the work is going to be. As the most common roofing question, a good roofing contractor will answer this question honestly and remind the homeowner that taking care of roofing issues is important for the long-term durability of their roof. Depending on the size and the location of the leak repairs may well be feasible. The important thing for a homeowner to remember is that things can change once the roofer begins looking at the extent of the damage so they need to be prepared for a potential roof replacement even if it does not look like one is needed at first. They will then be pleasantly surprised with a repair is all that is needed.

Can’t I just do this myself or have my brother do it?

Roofers hate this question because it forces them to boast about themselves and in a way put down the ability and knowledge of the homeowner. If you ask your contractor a question like this do not take what they say in response personally- you put them in a corner with that kind of question. Here are a few points they will likely bring up as an answer to the question:

There are many home improvement projects that can be done as a DIY but roof work is not one of them. A compromised roof compromises the safety of your family and your possessions and it just is not worth the risk.

It might very well be illegal to have someone other than a licensed and insured contractor do roof work. This is due to concern about codes and building standards being upheld.

Any manufacturer’s warranty will likely be voided if self-repairs are done to the roof. So, it is always best to leave the roof work, even a seemingly simple repair job, to the professionals.

Can the new roof be laid over my existing roof?

Most professional roofing contractors will not even consider placing a roof over an existing one. This is one of the common roofing questions homeowners ask to try and save money and while it is good they are taking care of roofing issues they must be careful not to create new ones by trying to have a re-roof done:

Shingles have to flat or they do not work so laying new shingles over old is a waste of time, money, and materials.

Shingles add weight to roofs and adding an additional layer of shingles can surpass the safe weight-bearing limits of the roof support system.

Reroofing may also void any warranties on materials and will almost certainly make the new roof unable to be covered at all.

How much is this going to cost?

Money is often the key motivating factor for homeowners and with good reason. Roofs can be expensive to repair or replace. But it is important that they remember that the roof is one of the most important parts of their home. Investing money now means they save money later by having a roof that lasts for decades to come. Cutting corners now can lead to costly repairs and earlier replacements down the road! A good roofer will always provide the best estimate possible and will be upfront about everything that goes into figuring out that quoted estimate.Where can I get more answers?

For any homeowner who is looking for more answers to their questions regarding roof repairs and replacements, Stay Dry Roofing is the place to turn ! They have heard all of these common roofing questions and much more and know how to answer each one. With a team of roofing experts by your side, taking care of roofing issues has never been easier. So, give them a call today and see what they can do for you!