Tips To Deal With Clogged Drains And Leaky Pipes

Clogged and leaking pipes can be a nuisance, or a nightmare, depending on the severity.  Smaller leaks and clogs can be diagnosed and fixed by a handy DIY homeowner, but most should be handled by a professional.

Call a professional plumbing service that offers leak detection services.  This will ensure that no leak is left unrepaired, and will help protect your home from severe damage.

Clogged drains

It’s inevitable- sooner or later you will deal with a clogged pipe of some sort.  Whether your child flushes a ping pong ball down the toilet, or a clog just builds up over time, it’s best to leave most clogs to the professionals.

If your pipes are only partially clogged, you will notice the water taking a much longer time than usual to drain.  Depending on which drain is clogged, you could quickly turn a partial blockage into a full one if you are flushing debris down the pipes.

The first step in dealing with clogged pipes is to shut off the water to the area.  This will prevent additional water and debris from being washed down the pipe and adding to the blockage.


If your toilet is clogged, shut off the water at the base.  Next, disable the toilet by disconnecting the chain.  If the blockage has already caused an overflow, use towels to soak up the water on the floor.

You can try plunging the toilet once or twice to free the clog.  However, plunging incorrectly can cause more harm than good, by either loosening the wax seal or pushing the clog deeper in the lines.  If you have not freed the blockage after a few attempts, put down the plunger and call a professional.


If your shower drain is clogged, shut off the water to the area.  You can try to remove the clog with a drain snake, but you may end up pushing the clog deeper into the plumbing.

Avoid using over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners.  They use harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes and lead to leaks in the future.  If your shower is not draining properly, it’s best to call a professional.


If your kitchen drain is clogged, (you guessed it!) shut off the water to the sink.  If you have a garbage disposal, do not try to unclog the drain.  Call a plumber who can fix the blockage properly and safely.

Clean out your sink, and remove all food debris.  You will also want to clean out under the sink so your plumber will have room to work.

Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes can mean anything from a dripping faucet to serious structural damage and mold.  If you notice damp or dripping areas in your home, shut off the water at the water main.  This will prevent water flow in the entire house, ensuring you stop all leaks.

You can usually find replacement parts for a leaky faucet at your nearest hardware store.  However, a leaky faucet can be a symptom of a serious issue deep within the plumbing in your home.  If you replace the O ring or cartridge, and this does not fix the drip, call a plumber who can correctly diagnose and repair the leak.

Always be sure to call a professional, trusted plumbing service.  We offer leak detection services to the Plano, Carrolton, and Frisco area.  Please contact us for more information.