Wet Mixed and Dry Mixed in Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete is one of the most important materials that are used in construction of commercial buildings or houses. This material is made from the combination of split, sand, water, fly ash, and some additive. According to barrow mixed concrete Manchester, all of these materials are mixed to create ready mixed concrete. The quality of the ready mixed concrete will depend on the quality and the amount of materials that are used as its composition.

Ready mixed concrete can be made using various equipments. The system that is used on the making of mixed concrete may also vary as well. However, two of the most common systems that are used in mixed concrete making are wet mixed and dry mixed. What are the differences between wet mixed and dry mixed?

Wet mixed is a method that is used to make ready mixed concrete. This method started with combining all materials that are used as composition for ready mixed concrete. All materials are weighed based on the quality of ready mixed concrete that want to be made. After that, materials will be mixed in pan mixer until produce mix with specific level of thickness. Once the mix reaches the desired thickness, it will be poured into the mixer truck. Mixer truck then will bring the ready mixed concrete to the construction spot.

Dry mix is other method that is commonly used in ready mixed concrete rochdale in order to produce ready mixed concrete. In this method, materials are not mixed using pan mixer. Instead, all materials will be mixed directly using mixer truck and will be sent to the construction spot without mixed using the pan mixer first.

The benefit of wet mixed is that it can be used to combine rigid mix and it will prevent cement from creating dust.  The dry mix is more practice but might cause cement to create dust and it also produces more noise as well.