Why you should call a Handyman first!

News from Baltimore Maryland Home Improvement and our take on EFynch.com (www.efynch.com)

You in your home and all of a sudden something goes wrong! A running toilet, leak in the roof, siding needs work, or drywall painting. Who should you call? For most- the first reaction is to turn to call a plumber, electrician, roofer, or painter.

Chances are, if the repair is small- you should also consider looking for a Handyman. A handyman is typically a person who know the most about your house as a whole. Sometimes they could be classified as a generalist however most handymen have previously worked as plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc. and are now out on their own. You get the professional service but not the price.

In Annapolis last week a homeowner called because they wanted a garage floor painted. The first reaction was to call a painter. But painting the garage floor is a simple job as long as you hire someone reputable. Here a Handyman was found using EFynch.com (www.efynch.com) who actually used to own a painting company but decided to scale down. Now this guy is just himself and a truck!

With low overhead he can do projects for a much lower price and being as it is just him, the owner was comfortable enough (after reading reviews and ratings) to let the contractor do some work while they were away.

Another example occurred in the Columbia/ Ellicott City area (another suburb of Baltimore Maryland). They had a simple cabinet that needed to be fixed. Instead of hiring a cabinet company, the handyman- who had a minimum hourly rate- fixed the cabinet but used the rest of his time to replace smoke alarm batteries, install smoke detectors, adjust the mounted TV and even tighten door locks!

A good handyman can be a great asset for any homeowner. Realtors can use these services often because the helpfulness of having a “go to” guy for regular projects is perfect. That is part of the reason we like EFynch and speak about them often here. The company primarily operates out of Baltimore but also serves everywhere between there and Washington D.C.

Their competitive pricing and strict adherence to privacy is highly regarded and many of the guys on their site are side-workers looking to use their skills and help you fix your house.

So the next time you think about calling that electrician for a TV install, try a Handyman first. Especially if you are around Baltimore- it might just save you some money.